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Preparing for Your Bundle of Joy

By Carolina Kids Pediatrics
May 31, 2016
Category: Health
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At Carolina Kids Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, we try to provide you more than an orientation to our practice. From breastfeeding to what to have at home in those first few weeks, Drs. Robert Foor, Christian Nechyba, Jeff Tanaka and Leanna Willey want you to have the best Newbornand healthiest transition possible. Raleigh prenatal education classes provide lots of practical information for new moms and dads.


Congratulations! Along with all the joy your newborn will bring, he or she will also introduce a lot of new equipment, family schedules and expenses into your life. Are you ready? Relax, and take your time with your preparations. You've got several months to gather supplies, take pregnancy and newborn classes, and think about child care. What's most important?

First, your health is critical. So, keep your OB/GYN appointments, take your prenatal vitamins, eat well and check on your health insurance. 

Next, choose your hospital or home delivery mid-wife and doula, if you are using one. Your choices may be limited by your health insurance; so find out where you can and cannot deliver and what home care services are covered (lactation home visits, breast pumps, etc). Of course, we have our own lactation consultant available at Carolina Kids Pediatrics who should be covered in the same way as your other pediatric visits with us.

Then, think about all of the baby equipment you'll need--everything from a car seat and stroller to a diaper bag (and diapers!) to baby clothes, blankets, changing table and crib. Look at the www.healthy children.org link from our home page for great information on infant car seats, cribs and many other infant products. Also, check out the link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for any recalls of baby products. 

In addition, know about maternity leave, paternity leave and how your family budget will be impacted. What will child care cost? Who will provide it? Can you afford to stay home? Plan these things out ahead of time so you are not making important decisions after the baby arrives. One great link for local child care resources is available through Carolina Parent at:


What to Know as You Journey Home

While you are in the hospital, rest when possible and ask questions as situations arise. Make note of discharge instructions from the hospital and Carolina Kids Pediatrics. The staff at Carolina Kids Pediatrics tells all expecting parents that life will never be the same as it was! Be as ready as you can be. Our prenatal education classes are held in our Raleigh office at 2605 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 100, every 2 weeks and are given by one of our caring pediatricians.

Call (919) 881-9009 to sign-up, or sign up online at:


 ...and be prepared for the beginning of a wonderful journey!