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Common Myths about Colds & Antibiotics

And here it is... the #1 Myth about cold symptoms and antibiotics in children (if you missed the previous 9 myths, check out my other blog post from today). 

MYTH #1: GREEN MUCUS FROM THE NOSE MEANS BACTERIAL SINUS INFECTION. This myth has been proudly handed down to us from previous generations. Up until the last decade or two, many doctors believed that green mucus meant bacterial infection and, therefore, antibiotics. Studies have shown us that the color of mucus coming out of a child's nose doesn't tell us much about the cause of their illness. In fact, many colds start out with a clear runny nose, which gets thick and green right before it dries up and goes away. So don't worry about the color. But if a cold is severe or is not improving in 10-14 days, please come in so we can check it out.

Dr. Nechyba