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We wanted to let you know that our first shipment of flu shots is running low, and the vaccine manufacturer has told us that the second shipment will be delayed for a couple of weeks. No worries - we will have plenty of flu shots, and will continue to vaccinate into the winter. For now, however, please schedule your child for a flu vaccine ONLY if you would like your child to receive a FluMist (nasal flu vaccine). This is approved for healthy children 2 years and up, and is actually the preferred vaccine for children over 2 in most situations. If you have already scheduled your child for a flu shot, please keep your appointment. We have shots for everyone already scheduled to receive one. If you would like your child to receive a flu shot instead of a FluMist, please check the main page of our website - we should receive our second shipment of vaccine within a few weeks, and will post it there. This delay in shipping is a national issue and is not an issue unique to Carolina Kids, so please bear with us - and thanks for your patience!

Dr. Nechyba

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By Carolina Kids Pediatrics
September 17, 2014
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School and Sports Physicals Raleigh NCInformation on School and Sports Physicals - Raleigh, NC

Nothing is more important than the health of your child. We couldn’t understand that more! And if you have a child who loves sports and athletic activities, you want them to be able to enjoy doing what they love. It can be incredibly fulfilling to cheer your child on while he or she scores the winning touchdown or sticks an athletic gymnastics trick. Better yet, physical sports are a wonderful way to keep kids active, staving off serious problems like diabetes and obesity. We want to keep your children doing what they love. That’s why we offer both school and sports physicals in Raleigh.

Understanding School and Sports Physicals

As you may already know, any child wishing to participate in a school sports team must have a physical in Raleigh, NC before they can be part of the sports team. A sport physical consists of a physical health examination and a look into their medical history. We want to evaluate your child’s overall health and fitness level and make sure we do an injury risk assessment to ensure that they stay safe and healthy while on the field. Sports physicals in Raleigh are recommended if your child plans to become part of a school or club sports team, or even if he or she is taking part in a new fitness routine. We want to make sure that all children are healthy enough to participate in the sports they love.

When to Receive a School and Sports Physical

We recommend that your child have his or her school and sports physical in Raleigh done about six weeks prior to the start of the sports season. We allot this much time to our patients to make sure we evaluate any current injuries and offer proper conditioning and prevention before they participate.
So what can you do to make your child’s school and sports physical in Raleigh even easier? Please bring any sports forms with you, and complete any included questionnaires on the form before your visit. This should include any pre-existing conditions, medication they are currently taking, and any past injuries or surgeries.

School and Sports Physicals Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy

Once your child has their physical exam in Raleigh, NC and is deemed fit to get in the game, that doesn’t mean it stops there. They are things you can do to make sure they are staying happy and healthy before, after and during their athletic activities.
  • Make sure they eat a healthy, balanced meal beforehand. Include lean proteins and carbohydrates in the mix.
  • Always check the weather before leaving the house. Pack light layers or raingear, if the weather report calls for it. You want to be ready for any inclement weather.
  • Have your child stretch before physical activity and warm up their body to prevent athletic injuries.
  • Make sure they stay hydrated during sport activities. Also, ensure that they take occasional breaks so they don’t over-exert themselves risking physical injury.
  • Give them a chance to cool down after physical activity.
  • For recurrent aches and pains, especially if they always seem to occur in the same body location, please give our pediatric office a call.
If your child is about to embark on another school year or join a sports team, it’s time they got their school and sport physical. Call our Raleigh, NC pediatric office today at (919) 881-9009.

September 11, 2014
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We have just received word from Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of our flu shots, that shipment of the second batch of flu shots for kids over 3 years old will be delayed into October. We currently have plenty of FluMist (intranasal flu vaccine) for kids over age 2 and we also have plenty of flu shots for kids under age 3, but we have only a limited number of flu shots for kids over 3 until October. Therfore, if you would like your child to receive a flu shot instead of a FluMist and they are over 3 years old and don't have a high-risk health condition, we ask that you wait to schedule your child's flu shot until our second shipment arrives in October. We'll keep you updated on this site, but feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

Dr. Nechyba

Carolina Kids Pediatrics