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Flu Vaccine Clinics


Our flu vaccine clinics are open for scheduling! We will continue to add flu vaccine clinics as needed throughout the fall. You can self-schedule your child's flu vaccine on the patient portal, or just call our office to schedule. Our upcoming flu vaccine clinic dates are listed below:



Tuesday, October 19 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Wednesday, October 20 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Thursday, October 21 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Saturday, October 23 (9 am - 12:30 pm)

Wednesday, October 27 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Thursday, October 28 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Saturday, October 30 (9 am - 12:30 pm)

Tuesday, November 2 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Wednesday, November 3 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Thursday, November 4 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Tuesday, November 9 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Wednesday, November 10 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Saturday, November 13 (9 am - 12:30 pm)


More dates will be available soon.

If your children already have regularly scheduled appointments in our office this fall, they can get their flu vaccines at their regular appointment (as long as they are healthy) and no separate flu vaccine appointment is needed. Siblings are welcome to come along to checkup appointments to get their flu vaccines also. 


- last updated 10/20/2021 at 12:40 pm





Carolina Kids Pediatrics continues to offer COVID vaccination  for anyone 12 years and older by appointment. Please call our office to schedule 2 appointments three weeks apart to obtain both doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. There are no out of pocket costs to you for this vaccine. 

The three forms below are required for your appointment. Save time by printing them, completing them, and bringing them to your appointment!

Recipient Registration Form, Pre-Vaccination Screening Form, and EUA for recipients and caregivers

 For other options, please also check out the following:

Go to https://myspot.nc.gov/ to find CoVID vaccine locations close to you.

- Go to https://covid19.wakegov.com/vaccine/ or call (919) 250-1515 to schedule a vaccine through the Wake County health department.
- Go to https://www.walgreens.com/findcare/vaccination/covid-19 to schedule a CoVID vaccine at a Walgreen’s pharmacy
- Go to https://vaccine.unchealthcare.org and select “Get Vaccinated” or call (984) 215-5485 to schedule a vaccine through UNC or Rex Hospital.
- If you have been seen at WakeMed before, use your WakeMed My Chart account to check for vaccine appointment availability. Visit https://www.wakemed.org/.../covid-19.../covid-19-vaccine/ for more information.
- Go to https://www.dukehealth.org and select “CoVID-19 Vaccine Updates”

COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols:

(1) Morning Acute Care Clinic:  Please call our office after 8:30 am (but before 9 am) and we will check you in by phone. We will then instruct you to come to our side door and take you directly to an exam room - no crowding or waiting in the waiting room. We will see you on a "first come, first served" basis during the first hour of the day. Of course, if you would like to schedule a morning acute visit with a specific doctor at a specfic time, you can still do this also.
(2) Sick and Well Appointments:  Sick visits will be conducted in rooms not used for well visits. We have added additional HEPA air filtration in all exam rooms. We offer a "curbside check-in" option to avoid waiting at our registration desk. We clean rooms frequently between patients, and we wear masks for all well visits and use needed personal protective equipment for all sick visits. All of our physicians are fully vaccinated against CoVID-19.
(3) Face masks: We require that adults and children 3 years and older wear cloth face coverings or face masks while in our office. Children 2 years old and younger should not wear face masks.
(4) Telemedicine: We offer telemedicine consultations for certain conditions. Carolina Kids Pediatrics doctors will perform all of our telemedicine visits. Click the "Now Offering Virtual Telemedicine" link right under our listed office hours in the blue space above for more information.
(5) Prenatal classes: Our prenatal classes have appropriate social distancing measures in place. Please wear face masks when attending prenatal classes, and please do not attend if you are sick. You still have the option of scheduling individual prenatal consultation or "virtual" prenatal consultations via telemedicine also. 
(6) Testing:  If CoVID-19 testing is needed, we can perform this at Carolina Kids. Two types of testing are available: 
                    a.  Rapid CoVID testing results are available within 15 minutes (performed in our office)
                b. More sensitive PCR-based testing is sent to an outside laboratory and results will not be available the same day
Doctor/Practice Overview

To help you get acquainted with our practice, we have provided the important information you need on our website. Please browse these pages to learn more about our pediatricians, our services, our philosophy, office hours, contact information, prenatal class information and patient forms. You may also use this website to access your child’s medical information and clinical visit summaries via our patient portal. Links from this site can provide you with expert and up to date medical advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other professional organizations.

When you call Carolina Kids during our office hours, we pledge that you will always speak with one of our professional and courteous staff members from the moment you finish dialing – no automated phone trees. When you call Carolina Kids after office hours, you will always receive a rapid and professional response from one of our pediatricians or a pediatric nurse. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Meet our friendly, experienced Carolina Kids pediatricians and staff! All our pediatricians are fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and maintain the highest level of accreditation in pediatrics. We pride ourselves in being an exceptional clinic where children come first, and where physicians still take the time to treat every child with the individual attention with which we would want our own children to be treated.

Direct Provider After-Hours Access

We are pleased to provide you with direct access to our on-call physician when the office is closed. In order to reach our on-call physician when the office is closed, just call our main office number at (919) 881-9009. You will be able to access our on-call physician directly after hours. Please use this service for urgent medical concerns that you believe should not wait until routine office hours. You should expect to be able to speak directly with the on-call physician within 30 minutes or less of your call. In general, please use our patient portal or call during office hours for non-urgent concerns, including non-urgent prescription refills or administrative/scheduling questions. Through our patient portal, you may also send a message to your child's physician through direct messaging. Patient portal messaging is designed for non-urgent or chronic health concerns, and you may expect an electronic response from your child's physician within 24 hours. For any true medical emergencies, please call 911. 

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